Before we dive deep, let me ask you a question…

Would you say it is selfish of the flower to receive plenty of sunlight, nutrients and water in order to support its growth and to
bloom into its most magnificent self-expression? I don’t think so!  So why do you believe it is selfish of you to receive all that you need to
live your best life and to bloom into your brilliance?

There is nothing wrong for you to be, do & have what you are meant to! It’s not selfish - it’s necessary!



wild one!

I’m Lily, your Life & Style Alchemist and I am wildly obsessed about helping you Grow & Bloom Into Your BRILLIANCE!


and Why is that you may ask? 

I just love seeing purpose-driven, heart-centered women, to go after their dreams, kick ass and achieve their goals! Because to me, seeing someone else succeeding is just a proof that we can all do it! And that’s just invigorating, don’t you think? 

My big why is YOU, because...

⁂ I know how it feels, not going after your dreams
≜ I know how bad it hurts not to live to your fullest potential
☾ I know how scary it is waking up in the middle of the night, freaking out of being mediocre
⇴ I know the true cost of being your very own worst enemy

And I know that it shouldn’t be this way! 

I am here to help you living your best life and becoming your best self!


By helping you to reclaim your power, remember your ancient wisdom and reconnect to your inner magic! 


You see… you are nothing short of a miracle!

The entire Universe is within you and just awaits to be discovered & unleashed!
You are the key to your own success - all that you are looking for is within! 

I am just here, guiding your way back to yourself!