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30 Days Gratitude Challenge + 3 Reasons Why You Need Daily Gratitude Practice

Hey, Beauty! In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving I was inspired to host a Gratitude Challenge for you. But before we get to that part, first I want to share why it’s so powerful to include gratitude in your daily routine and why it’s one of the best ways to manifest your desires into reality.

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3 Bad Habits That Are Preventing Your Success & Stealing Your Joy + How To Overcome Them

Hey, Beauty! Around 3 years ago I took off on a lifelong journey of self-development and bettering myself. I invested (and still investing) lots of time, money and effort in becoming the best ME possible and this is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Seriously, you should try it! 

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30 Life Lessons I Learned In 30 Years

Hey, Beauty! I hit the big scary 30 last year and I am pleased to report that they are not as big nor as scary as I expected. And I know this would sound cheesy, but I feel younger than ever.  So if you about to hit the big mark, don't worry, ain't nothing scary there. And if you already joined the club - I got ya, boo! 

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12 Things You Realize When Going Vegan | Not What You Expect

Hello, Beauties! This post is a way different from what I usually do but it was a lot of fun creating it, so I hope you like it. I got inspired to present in a funny way phrases and "facts" that a vegan has to deal with on a regular basis.
And although, I love talking about veganism and educate people, let's face it - sometimes phrases and arguments like these can be very annoying. I know that those of you, who are vegans will understand me! 
For the rest of you, please stay open-minded and find the humor in this post! 

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6 Things I Love About Fall

Hello, Beauties! It’s official - Fall is here! As you can imagine, that’s a harsh realization for someone who likes to sips frozen cocktails on a “long hot summer night” (yes, I just quoted Jessica Jay’s Casablanca here). 

Anyway, I can’t do much about the changing of the seasons, but at least I can take the best out of it. Since I am focusing more on practicing mindfulness every day and living in the present moment, I am planning to squeeze every drop of joy that Fall has to offer.

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